Our Partner

GlobeMed at Amherst is partnered with Pastoral de la Salud, a community health organization in El Salvador that is dedicated to community empowerment and improving health care access. Pastoral de la Salud belongs to the social ministry of the Catholic Church. Though part of the Catholic Church, Pastoral does not limit the care and resources to the communities it serves based on this religious affiliation. Pastoral de la Salud works in three regions of El Salvador, but our chapter only partners with the coordinator and community health workers of one of these regions: Cuscatlán.
Pastoral de la Salud began in 1984 in order to deliver health care to victims of the raging Civil War (1981-1992). Soon, however, Pastoral realized that people not affected by the war also needed better health care. Thus, Pastoral expanded its coverage.
Pastoral de la Salud focuses on health education, disease prevention, health care as a human right and natural medicine. To address these issues and to improve health care access, Pastoral relies on the dedicated work of community health workers - locals trained to promote the health of their own towns. Their responsibilities often include holding educational sessions, visiting community members and delivering medication. 
Our chapter is working with this grassroots organization to develop and fund specific projects for the Cuscatlán region. Together we hope to improve access to high quality health education and care, and to advocate for the right to health. 

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