Our Current Project

This fall our goal is to raise $5000 to fund a food security and nutrition projectNutrition is currently one of the biggest health problems in Cuscatlán; healthy and plentiful food is hard to access. Due to increasing unemployment and low salaries, many families do not have enough income to buy a sufficient weeks shopping. Many families must travel long distances to reach adequate markets, adding transportation costs in addition to the cost of food. There are also various agricultural problems that inhibit food access. Many people lack the understanding or the money to properly dispose of trash. Thus, trash is everywhere, and it is contaminating the fertilizer. Another example Cojuape, a community located next to a lake. Cojuape’s main source of income comes from fishing, but the fish in the lake are running out. The fishermen cannot even catch enough fish to pay for the ride to the market in Cojutepeque. Private fishing farms are taking over the lake, and are charging a small sum per day for other people to fish in their sectioned areas – therefore families still do not make a profit from fishing.
Additionally, El Salvador is mostly an importer of basic agricultural products. Most fruits and vegetables come from Guatemala and Honduras, and most cereals come from the US and Canada. Hybrid and GMO seeds and chemical fertilizers are imported from the US and European companies, but only at high prices determined by the international market.
Pastoral has decided to respond to the malnutrition among El Salvadoran communities. The goal of the project is two-fold: enable families to produce their own foodand educate communities on nutrition (with a focus on child nutrition). Pastoral de la Salud will work with Pastoral de la Tierra (the agricultural sector of the Social Ministry) to construct fish raising pools and chicken coops for families. The families will be taught how to manage the fish/chickens, and will be checked on regularly to ensure success. Pastoral will also host education sessions on food groups, healthy recipes, how to keep a vegetable garden, etc.
We are very excited to be working with Pastoral de la Salud on this important project! It is every person’s fundamental right to be protected against hunger, and this project will help ensure that this right is granted.

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